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Are you a Dinosaur or a Disruptor?

Reducing Risk for Remote Workers

As organizations digitally transform, they greatly increase their operational momentum.  However, they also open themselves up to increased risk. NIST Special Publication 800-39 describes three tiers of cyber risks that start with an agency’s information systems and then reach into its mission and business processes and, possibly, into the organization itself.

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In digitally mature global organizations, the mission/business process risk is tightly coupled with information systems risk. This is especially true for global organizations with hundreds or even thousands of far-flung remote facilities connected via bandwidth-constrained high-latency WAN links.

Agencies often address the risks posed to business and business processes when they make strategic IT investments and improvements during data center modernization or disaster recovery planning, but they typically make few, if any strategic investments at the remote facilities where the mission/business actually takes place. Bandwidth may have been increased, or new servers or routers deployed, but this simply is business as usual providing incremental mission/business improvement at best.

When was the last time your organization implemented a truly disruptive solution that greatly improved both your risk posture and mission velocity for remote locations and workers?

Transform Your Risk and Mission Velocity

An innovative solution from Riverbed Technology has conquered the challenges of balancing risk and mission velocity at remote facilities (also known as branch offices).  Riverbed’s solutions transform how IT enables remote facility deployments, mission velocity and recovery.

Riverbed’s branch office hyper-converged solution is the SteelFusion appliance.  SteelFusion transforms your remote facility IT operations in much the same way your iPhone transformed your personal experience with the Internet.  With SteelFusion, the mission systems are seamlessly integrated with the cloud, rapidly deployed, stateless, synchronized, secure and high performing – no matter if they are in the cloud, data center or at the remote site.

For example, SteelFusion allows you to deploy a branch office with mission systems up to 30x faster, saving your IT staff time and enabling a faster mission velocity for the business. From a data risk standpoint, SteelFusion uses FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography for data-at-rest and data-inflight encryption.  However, the real-risk reduction benefits are from the disruptive Blockstream and WAN Optimzation technologies that enable the benefits of near real-time storage synchronization, but without the typical constraints of bandwidth overhead or disconnected operations.

The Taneja Group’s study found SteelFusion provides a 24x faster Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a 96x faster Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in comparison to typical branch office storage solutions.

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Moreover, SteelFusion includes the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) functionality found in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading Riverbed SteelHead.  This includes WAN Optimization, Application Acceleration, Web Proxy, application-aware visibility, application-aware QoS, path selection, security transport and more.

These capabilities allow you to protect and accelerate mission application performance over constrained high-latency remote WAN links, which greatly increases mission velocity while reducing risk to the mission, and providing real-time high-fidelity visibility for IT performance and security operations.  In addition, the remote facility-centric rich visibility, IPFIX flow export, packet captures and Virtual Service Platform (VSP) in SteelFusion lend themselves to extensive integration into your Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring, ITSM and SOC operational workflows.  This often address a coverage gap at remote sites, which is especially important for mission critical sites or sites in scary places.

Some examples of how large Federal organizations are using SteelFusion are discussed here.

Get Started by Learning More

Your mission isn’t getting easier, nor is your risk decreasing. Get your security, network, virtualization and storage teams together for some disruptive teamwork to improve your mission velocity and lower your risk.

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