Jun 18, 2015 By Sean Gilbert In Blog

Improving Security Through Network Virtualization

NOTE from Jean-Paul:

In recent blogs, I have highlighted the importance of simplifying and automating the security environment as a way to cut costs and strengthen security. SwishData has identified VMware’s NSX platform as a valuable tool for achieving these goals, and so I asked VMware’s Sean Gilbert to describe for us how NSX can enhance federal security.

The VMware NSX platform delivers the entire networking and security model in software, decoupled from traditional networking hardware, providing flexibility and efficiency of a software-defined-datacenter (SDDC). NSX, which does for networking what ESX did for servers, treats the physical network as a virtualized pool of transport capacity for on-demand consumption. This enables improved economics, enhanced security and operational efficiencies for Federal agencies. Automating network and security services decreases the time that IT workers would normally spend manually deploying policies for new workloads and applications, while also eliminating human errors that can be made during the manual process.

NSX Enables Micro-segmentation

NSX enables IT to adopt a strict, micro-granular security model with the ability to tie security to individual workloads and provision security policies automatically down to the level of a virtual network interface. Security groups have always done an excellent job of protecting the perimeter of their data center through physical firewalls. However, in the event of a breach, hackers would have free reign to move laterally inside the internal infrastructure because it is not economically or operationally feasible to deploy physical firewalls for every virtual workload.   With NSX, you can cost effectively add virtual layers of security that automatically follow customer data and internal mission assets.

When new workloads are deployed, NSX builds security policies that are tied to each virtual machine (VM) for that workload at the hypervisor level so performance isn’t compromised. Now, when VMs move within the data center or migrate to a remote data center, policies stay with those VMs to maintain consistency and peak security.

NSX also introduces the ability to add advanced security services and integrates with roughly 40 technology partnerships in VMware’s ecosystem.   The most recent announcement is NSX’s integration with Intel Security. These integrations work with existing solutions from industry vendors, further simplifying the management of your physical and virtual network.   For example, if you are using a central security management system, NSX has the ability to integrate that platform to simultaneously deploy security updates to both physical and virtual nodes.

A Smart Start with the Right Partner

As your organization looks to embrace network virtualization, it’s extremely beneficial to work with a partner proficient in all facets. Swishdata can help your business leverage NSX to its maximum potential, including the design and implementation of advanced services. Advanced services from an ecosystem of VMware technology partners add more value to VMware NSX’s networking and security foundation. SwishData can also identify solution providers and point your enterprise to solutions that incorporate and complement NSX.