May 15, 2014 By Jean-Paul Bergeaux In Blog

Q&A with Jean-Paul Bergeaux: Need for Advanced and Cost-Effective Cyber Solutions

As federal agencies are considerably challenged from a highly advanced cyber threat landscape, there is a critical need for procuring the right solutions for staying one-step-ahead of the bad guys.

However, the big question is how can agencies do this when budgetary resources are extremely low, and the threat vector is very high.

FedConnects had a recent opportunity to speak with Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Chief Technology Officer of SwishData, about the company’s new cybersecurity offering that aims to provide the most comprehensive data security, while also being cost-effective.

FedConnects: Before we talk about your new cybersecurity offering, please tell a little bit about SwishData.

Bergeaux: SwishData is a woman-owned data-engineering company that offers enterprise architecture solutions that support mission effectiveness for all facets of government. We specialize in the areas of data storage, disaster recovery, continuity of operations (COOP), cloud computing, and virtualization.

Our differentiator is that we consistently approach federal enterprise architecture solutions with a long-term view, instead patching short-term problems with cookie cutter solutions. We architect solutions that are completely customized for agencies mission and long term goals.

With the federal sector coming off of sequestration and the government shutdown, we find that we are uniquely positioned to help the government do more with fewer resources, especially since mission requirements remain unchanged or have increased.

FedConnects: Tell us about your new cybersecurity practice.

Bergeaux: We are excited to announce the official launch of the SwishData Cybersecurity Practice, which can help agencies both detect anomalies and threats while also offering forensics and behavioral analytics.

While we have been offering cyber solutions for several years now, this new 360-degree approach to cybersecurity allows agencies to consolidate “tool sprawl,” which ultimately reduces administrative IT and manual labor costs. It also helps reduce time for discovery and remediation.

We spent many months exhaustively doing our own research and due diligence looking for the best cybersecurity products that both solve problems, integrate with the rest of the solutions and are cost effective — allowing agencies to implement complete cyber security solutions over the long term. And, we will continue to evaluate new products and offerings available to our customers as they come to market.

FedConnects: Why is SwishData moving into the cybersecurity arena?

Bergeaux: It was a natural evolution for us. Due to our legacy of being known as “data performance architects for government,” creating our official cybersecurity practice was the right next step for us. In addition, with there being such a critical need for protecting data in government, we wanted to come out with an offering that was both fully comprehensive and cost-effective.

In reality, we all know that meeting cybersecurity goals for agencies will take a significant amount of planning. The threat landscape is continually changing and advancing in ways that make staying ahead of the bad guys very difficult.

We are hoping that our offering will help agencies stay ahead of the curve thanks to the ability to have full situational awareness combined with real-time threat identification and remediation.

FedConnects: Tell us about some of your innovative and upcoming marketing efforts to support this.

Bergeaux: Well, I don’t want to give away too much right now, but we are developing a truly unique and integrated marketing campaign, which will most likely go viral before we even launch it. It will showcase both the real and significant threat landscape, as well as how our solutions, and our partners’ solutions, can help advance our government’s cybersecurity posture.

I can tell you that it will be one-of-a-kind. We will have Hollywood-caliber content to both tell our story, and also show the need for real cybersecurity solutions in government.

When we launch this campaign, we will be sure to give FedConnects full access to the content!

We would like to thank Bergeaux for taking the time to speak with us. To learn more about SwishData and its new cybersecurity practice, click here.