Feb 12, 2015 By NetApp USPS In Blog

Ready for Cyber Analytics?

The Department of Defense is shifting the cyber defense paradigm from a strategy characterized by static, labor intensive risk assessments to a more dynamic posture relying on big data analytics to continuously monitor its networks for potential threats. Defense leaders see this as a vast improvement, but questions remain whether DoD’s infrastructure can keep up with the volume, velocity, and variety of big cyber data. GovExec, sponsored by NetApp, surveyed 155 across DoD, GS-11 and up to find out how they are dealing with cyber threats and big data analytics.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Big data analytics is an effective tool for monitoring and preventing access to DoD networks
  • Big data tools open the door for a new paradigm in risk management: continuous monitoring
  • Analytics is most effective when used with other cybersecurity tools
  • 79% say big data analytics is an effective cybersecurity tool
  • 75% say big data analytics play a key role in their agency’s cyber strategy

Download the full report to learn what lies at the intersection of cybersecurity and big data analytics, which technologies paired with analytics could significantly improve your agency’s cyber posture, and whether DoD is making the investments in data storage necessary to support its continuous monitoring strategy. To see them on the GovExec website, the research report is here and the infographic is here.