Jul 07, 2015 By Brian Reynolds In Blog

Simple, Proven and Secure Cloud Backup

In a world where plucking low hanging fruit for cost savings is king,  cloud and backup go hand-in-hand.  It feels like a safe place to start when not touching production services or data sets and when dealing with the recurring costs and maintenance required for on-premise data protection solutions.

It feels safe, that is, until you start thinking about the complexity that comes along with changing backup applications, not to mention the operational nightmare of maintaining multiple interfaces for the sake of managing those legacy data sets.  And what about securing access to those legacy and future backup and data sets which have the potential to contain millions of sensitive pieces of information and records?  Suddenly, moving to cloud backup no longer appears ripe for plucking.

What if there was a remedy for these challenges?  At SwishData, we believe NetApp’s innovative AltaVault offers just the right solution.

Simple, Proven

NetApp has recently branded its SteelStore line of WAN acceleration data protection and migration appliances as NetApp AltaVault, and refreshed the line with improved performance and capacity on a new hardware platform.

The new NetApp AltaVault, which stems from NetApp’s acquisition of Riverbed’s SteelStore technology, keeps as its primary objective the ability to integrate customers’ existing data protection solutions in the cloud, quickly and easily.  NetApp has added capabilities to better integrate the platform with clouds from Google, Amazon and Microsoft, while also supporting both the VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.

AltaVault offers inline deduplication and compression for up to 30:1 data-reduction ratios while integrating with ease into your existing backup architecture (Symantec, Commvault, EMC, IBM and many others) and favorite cloud provider.  The installation process takes you from zero to protected in less than 30 minutes via an intuitive management console.

AltaVault is now available in three formats, including an integrated hardware appliance, a virtual appliance that runs on industry-standard server hardware with either the VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, or as an appliance on a public cloud.  The hardware appliance now runs on the same hardware as NetApp’s FAS8000 storage solution, putting it in the NetApp support model that customers have grown to know and love around the globe.


NetApp AltaVault also puts a strong emphasis on security when backing up and storing data in the cloud.  For example:

  • AltaVault provides SSL Web configuration, configurable REST API Access, and FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption.
  • AltaVault supports prioritization of local, RADIUS, and TACACS+ authentication.
  • Role-based access for administration and monitoring is fully supported and highly configurable.
  • General settings such as software upgrades, licensing, hardware and storage configuration and networking configuration can be controlled under this model.
  • System maintenance, logs, dumps, and debugs can be tightly controlled, and replication and reporting are customizable under the role-based control.

With AltaVault, NetApp has found the right mix of simplicity and security that allows customers to breathe easy as they venture into the cloud. Learn more here.