360-Degree, Cost-Effective Solution for Consolidating Effective Cyber Efforts

Warwick, NY (February 26, 2014) – SwishData, a woman-owned leading data engineering company for the federal marketplace, today announced the official launch of its SwishData Cybersecurity Practice, which helps agencies mitigate cyber challenges and achieve critical missions.

While SwishData has been offering cyber solutions for several years now, this new practice officially brings to market a solution that helps agencies detect anomalies, threats and attempted evasions, as well as provides forensic and behavioral analytics.

In addition, SwishData now helps consolidate “tool sprawl” to reduce administrative IT and manual labor costs for a Security Operations Center (SOC), as well as reduce time to discovery and remediation.

”Federal agencies are challenged with meeting cyber mission goals in an era where budget issues continue to be top of mind,” said Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Chief Technology Officer of SwishData. “We are offering a unique service that ensures maximum performance – from a full lifecycle perspective – and is also highly cost effective. This combined approach will help agencies better counter the rising tide
of cyber threats.”

With a legacy of being critical data performance architects for government, this new offering is part of SwishData’s evolution towards continually enhancing the performance, affordability, and security of any agency’s data infrastructure – through both architecture and deployment.

SwishData now offers a full lifecycle approach to supporting agency cybersecurity needs:

    • Detailed assessment and requirements definition
    • Planning and design
    • Cost-effective procurement
    • Engineering and deployment
    • Transition and training
    • Ongoing evaluation and enhancement

”With smaller budgets and fewer resources, it is a challenge for agencies to become completely secure,” added Bergeaux. ”However, while meeting cybersecurity goals will take planning, it is possible to get there with the right solutions that provide full situational awareness with real-time threat identification and remediation – all while improving costs and efficiencies.”

About SwishData

SwishData ensures the performance, affordability, and security of an agency’s data infrastructure through both architecture and deployment. Since March of 2006, this successful woman-owned data engineering group has tapped its internal and external resources, demonstrating an ability to deliver first rate federal enterprise architecture solutions to all facets of government operations. SwishData maintains certified staff and facility (FCL) to enable its unique value proposition to be leveraged at levels of State, Local and Federal Government. (703) 635-3324