(September 2014) – SwishData, a woman-owned group of leading data performance architects for the federal marketplace, today announced that it released the second episode in the company’s fictional drama, “Hacked: The Series,” highlighting the cybersecurity dangers facing federal agencies today.

 The new episode, “The Prosecutors,” ( dramatizes the government’s investigation into alleged cyber espionage byBob Nelson, a federal employee whose computer is hacked by foreign spies. Bob’s colleagues race against the clock to prove his innocence as prosecutors seek to bring Bob to trial before a military tribunal. SwishData introduced Bob and his family in the first episode, “The Defenders,” which dramatized how hackers stole government data and framed Bob for espionage.

 “Hacked: The Series” is based on a combination of real-life incidents. Future episodes will reveal how investigators uncover the hackers’ entry point into the government network using currently available security tools to detect and prevent their malicious activities. The third episode, “The Investigators,” is slated for release in October 2014. 

 SwishData is producing the Internet series for its Cyber Attack Defenders website to shine a light on the cybersecurity challenges and solutions in today’s complex government IT environment. Joining in the campaign are SwishData’s industry partners, including Forescout, McAfee, NetApp, RiverBed, RSA, Vormetric, and VMware.

 “Our video series presents a unique and compelling way to illustrate the sophisticated cyber threats facing civilian and military agencies today,” said Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Chief Technology Officer of SwishData. “Cyber Attack Defenders brings together the most powerful cybersecurity tools in an integrated platform that significantly reduces complexity and protects against evolving cyber threats to government networks and systems.”

 “McAfee has been a leader in partnering with other security industry companies through our Security Innovation Alliance. SwishData has taken this idea to an extent we have not seen in the small integrator space.  We are excited to be a part of this tightly integrated Cyber Attack Defenders solution for our government customers,” said Scott Montgomery, CTO Federal of Intel Security (INTC).

 “The innovative Cyber Attack Defenders solution offers a best-of-breed approach for federal agencies.  We at NetApp Federal were excited when SwishData released the solution because we had already been developing a proof of concept lab for integration testing of security products.  Federal customers can see many of the same security products for themselves in the lab we created especially for government agencies,” said Lee Vorthman, CTO of Federal Civilian Agencies (NTAP).

  About SwishData

SwishData ensures the performance, affordability, and security of an agency’s data infrastructure through both architecture and deployment. Since March of 2006, this successful woman-owned group of leading data performance architects has tapped its internal and external resources, demonstrating an ability to deliver first rate federal enterprise architecture solutions to all facets of government operations.  SwishData maintains certified staff and facility (FCL) to enable its unique value proposition to be leveraged at levels of State, Local and Federal Government. 635-3324